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LYCO Electric was incorporated in 2002 as part of a strategic program of expanding wiring harness and electric parts(such as connector, switch, fuse holder and so on)export business of LYC,HT and QY. We are specialized in wiring harness and electronic parts processing. As a result, we have since grown into a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic wiring harness & electric parts.

LYCO Electric is still developing and growing together with our customers. We have successfully setup large manufacturing facilities in Wenzhou, Shanghai, in China to supply wiring harness and electric parts for home appliances, automotive, industrial machine& apparatus and so on. Our product range covers most requirement in wiring harness and electric parts applications, allowing us to fulfill the necessary technical and product requests from our customers.

Our company philosophy of "Quality First, Honor First, Customer First" has won us good recognition among our customers and community. We continue to provide our customers with quality products and services. LYCO Electric welcomes domestic and foreign partners to work together with us, develop and grown with us, pursuing common goal and enjoy success with us.



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